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53: Death Drop Gorgeous! (Spookies, 1986)

For this VERY special episode of CDF, we hang out with our new best friends - the men behind the upcoming film Death Drop Gorgeous! We discuss their movie, all of the spooky gay things it will deliver (drag queens and death!), and then we all share our favorite things about a movie that was one of their inspirations, Spookies! We’re super excited about this one, pumpkins! And go follow @deathdropgorgeous on all the things!!!

Boo, we give Scream Queens a WHOLE new meaning!

Ash and Nick are life-long friends (and homosexuals) obsessed with horror movies and everything creepy/crazy/cool! Every other week they'll feature a new scary movie that will be examined from their gay perspectives while they read that film to filth! Nothing and no one is safe - especially those horny teenagers! On the off weeks, they'll bring you Paranormal Pansies - a rainbow-colored examination of the macabre and paranormal!

So - grab some popcorn, lock all your doors, and prepare to be entertained! Love, your big, gay uncles! (tongue pop)


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