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Providence Based LGBT Film “Death Drop Gorgeous” Starts Crowd Sourcing Fundraiser

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Providence based LGBT film “Death Drop Gorgeous,” written by Providence residents Mike Joseph Ahern, Chris Dalpe and Brandon Perras have started crowd sourcing fundraiser to help take their movie from a teaser trailer to a full 90 minute film.

“We are very passionate about our creative capital. We intend to showcase this artistic city by hiring local talent for the film, including drag queens who currently work in Providence as performers, local musicians to help provide a soundtrack, and other artists who currently reside in the city. We were inspired by the creativity we saw in Providence and we want to help put this innovative city on a cinematic map,” the writers said in their press release.

Death Drop Gorgeous

The movie is a drag queen horror screenplay that incorporates dark humor, crime mystery, and supernatural elements in order to create a story that is set in Providence.

Young gay men from a local drag club are stalked and lured on dating app POUNDR. The victims are promised sex only to be gruesomely slaughtered by a deranged maniac.

When bodies begin turning up drained of blood, club owner, Tony Two Fingers, and crooked detectives, Barry and O’Hara, team up to get to the bottom of the murders

The investigation sets its sights on recent club rehire, Dwayne, while local drag queens, Gloria Hole and Janet Fitness, battle for the stage and lime light.

The movie features local talent as well as local businesses such as The Dark Lady, Alley Cat and AS220. Other Rhode Island locations included in the film are Aurora, Friskie Fries, and The Eagle.

The movie was inspired by Giallo films and 80s lasers.

See the Trailer Below


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